Student Association Fee

A basic fee of $25.00 covers Student Agenda Book, Parent Calendar, Guest/Motivational Speakers, Student ID Cards,  Student Leadership Supplies and Activities, Grade 6 Orientation, Open House Events, Social Responsibility Activities, School-wide Runs, Homeroom Activities, Student Celebration Assembly Incentives,  Awards, Transportation/Field Trip Subsidies, Soc Hops, etc.  While we rely on student fees to provide the services listed above, we are committed that no child should be disadvantaged due to financial restraints. 

There is an additional charge of $40.00 for the Annual and our Parent Advisory Council is asking for a donation of $2.00.  These last two fees are optional.  Total for these fees is $67.00.  Payment is due by the end of September or at the time of registration for new students. 

Students participating in various programs can expect other charges throughout the year.  Many of these charges are dependent on the level of participation in each activity.  Minimal charges for materials are made to students for such courses as Woodwork, Metalwork, etc. if they wish to upgrade a project that is considered beyond the minimal requirement.  If students wish to participate in field trips, there will be a fee to cover the costs of such trips.  Music instrument rental is the responsibility of the student for those who elect to take Band.  Athletic Fees will be applied for each sport.  

Payment is required in advance of all activities.  The deadline will be announced for each activity.  Please note that we do NOT accept personal cheques.  All payments must be by Cash, Debit Card, Visa or MasterCard. 

Gym Strip

Students are expected to change into suitable attire for their P.E. classes to ensure freedom of movement and good health habits.  Shorts or sweats, t-shirt and running shoes are required.  It is important to note that P.E. classes are scheduled for outside activities throughout the year, often meaning being outside in rainy weather.  Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for inclement weather.  P.E. strip and class participation ARE important components of the P.E. program.  Parents must provide a note for a student to be excused from P.E. class.  A detailed note must be completed by a doctor should a student need to be excused from P.E. for an extended time.

Instrument Rental

Students provide their own instrument except for:  baritone, baritone sax, tuba, percussion, French horn and tenor sax.

To assist students in providing their own instrument, the school has arranged for King’s Music in Abbotsford to provide these instruments on a rent-to-own policy.  The actual rental agreement will be between the student and the rental company.  The cost of renting from King’s Music will vary, depending on the instrument.  An instrument rental night is held in early September.

Timetable/Course Changes

Students must follow the timetable as assigned by the school.  In the event that a change needs to be made, the student must:

have the written approval of the parents and

arrange an interview with the counselor to discuss possibilities.

Normally, course changes will only be permitted during the first week of school.

Counseling and Career Center

A school counselor is available to assist students with course information, educational planning, career exploration and personal concerns.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with the counseling department at any time by phoning the school or dropping by our counseling center.

Lost and Found

Small lost and found items are kept in the main office for students to reclaim.  Students who have lost an article of clothing or a personal belonging should come to the office and inform the office staff what they have lost.  Items such as jackets, sweatshirts, lunch boxes, etc. are kept in a container by the gym.