Attendance: The First Step to Success

Regular attendance has been proven a major factor contributing to student success and achievement.  Students absent from class are responsible for obtaining and completing missed assignments.  Attendance will be closely monitored by the school and the school will notify parents about irregular attendance and tardiness.

Parents are asked to call the school if their child will be absent or to send a written note to excuse their child from school.  An unexcused absence may result in no credit for work done during the absence.

Chilliwack Middle School has an answering machine that parents can use to leave a message regarding their child’s absence.  We ask that you leave the date, the child’s name, how long they will be away and reason for absence. 


Truancy is defined as being absent from school without a valid reason.  Students absent from class without permission will be considered truant.  Truancy is a serious offence and will be dealt with accordingly by the school. 

Early Dismissal

Students leaving school early must sign out at the office before leaving.  Students who leave during the day must provide the office with a note from their parents before signing out.


Students are expected to arrive at school on time.  When students are unavoidably late, they must report to the office and sign in.  This will allow them to attend their classes.  Parents are requested to phone the school or to provide a note when they know their child will be late for school.  Classroom lates are the responsibility of the classroom teacher who will also assign a consequence.

Assignments for Students on Extended Absences

Teachers are not responsible for providing work in advance to students who miss school due to vacations taken during school time.  If parents choose to take their child out of school, the many daily classroom activities they miss cannot be duplicated through worksheets or assignments.  The students may well have cultural or travel experiences during such an absence which contribute to their overall development, but it is unavoidable that school work will suffer.  Parental contact to the teachers is expected if students have extended absences.

Medical Room, Injury or Illness at School

Students who become ill at school should inform their teacher and then report to the office with a note from their teacher.  Parents subsequently will be contacted.  Students must sign into the medical room at the office.  The medical room is only to be used for short term medical issues.  If a student is so ill that he/she is unable to attend classes, parents will be notified and the student will be sent home.

Aspirins, or other types of medication, are NOT available from the school.  If a student is using a prescribed medication and is required to bring this to school, please:

  • inform the school about this medication
  • make sure your son/daughter only brings a minimal amount to school.

In the event of a serious injury (or illness) the parent or other adult listed on the emergency card will be contacted.  An ambulance will be summoned by school personnel if, in our judgment, this mode of transportation is necessary for the safety and well-being of the injured student.  Teachers report accidents and injuries on forms provided by the office.  Please help us by keeping your information up to date.