The Board has established an Internet access through its wide area network (WAN) in order to provide staff, students, and community users with access to resources, research and information.  Individuals are responsible for exercising their privilege in a manner consistent with legitimate educational purposes.  The Board believes that the successful operation of the network requires users to conduct themselves in a responsible, decent, ethical and polite manner while using the network.

The Board recognizes that the Internet is a global electronic network and not under the Chilliwack School District’s control.  The Board will not be held responsible for accuracy, thoroughness, timeliness or content of any items retrieved.

The District provides access to the World Wide Web (WWW).  The Internet provides a vast collection of information.  There are however, sites with inappropriate data.  This is a full access service with minimal filtering or site blocking through Provincial Learning Network.  Local machine filtering programs are available.


Guidelines For Users

  1. The Internet is intended for educational and/or research purpose only.
  2. Be polite.
  3. Do not reveal or request personal information – electronic information can be accessed.
  4. Do not use the system in a way that would disrupt the network use by others.
  5. Respect the intellectual property of other users and information providers.
  6. Using the Internet for illegal, inappropriate, pornographic or obscene purposes is prohibited.
  7. Use of the Internet that violates copyright laws is prohibited.
  8. Internet accounts shall be used only by the authorized owner of the account.Account holders are responsible for all activity within their account.
  9. Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy the system, security or data of the network is prohibited.
  10. Use of the Internet for personal business, advertising, political lobbying, network games, harassment or “chatting” is prohibited.