Visitors to the SchoolPolicy

All visitors to the school must report to the office and state their reason for visiting the school.  Visitors should not be wandering the halls without permission.  Students are asked to make after school arrangements to meet their friends who do not attend CMS off the school property.  The school does not permit our students to bring friends or relatives to school with them to attend classes.

Closed Campus

All middle schools in SD 33 are closed campuses for the duration of the school day

Students may not leave the school campus at any time during the school day

Students who go home for lunch required to bring a note of permission from their parent. This permission does not extend to friends.

Visitors are not permitted during the school day

Bicycles and Skateboarding

A bicycle lock-up is provided at the back of the school for bicycles.  Students who choose to ride bicycles to school are encouraged to lock their bikes with individual locks.  The lock-up is usually locked at approximately 8:40 a.m. and opened at 2:30 p.m.  The area is not monitored and all bikes should be locked inside the lock-up. We advise students to retrieve their bikes immediately after school and to never leave them in the bike rack over night or over the weekend.  While all reasonable measures will be taken to provide a secure place for students to store their bikes, the choice to ride bicycles to and from school rests entirely with the students and parents and consequently, the school assumes no responsibility for bikes brought to school.  The bicycle rack area is out of bounds except for students coming and going.

The school has determined that skateboarding will not be allowed on school property at any time.