Bicycles, Boards and Scooters


We are happy to provide our students and staff with safe bicycle, skateboard, and scooter storage during the school day. We now have two secure locking storage containers located at the back of our campus. These large containers are located right behind our basketball court and are in clear view of the school. The containers will stay open from 8:00am - 8:30am for students and staff to load-in their personal transportation of choice, will then be locked during the school day, and then reopened from 2:33pm - 3:03pm so that students and staff members can pick-up their bikes, skateboards, or scooters for the ride home. If students arrive to school early or late and find the storage bins locked, we ask that they please come to the office with their bike, skateboard, or scooter. We will then unlock the storage bin for them so their items will remain safe during the school day.

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Grade 6 Immunization

The Chilliwack School District requires that middle schools gain consent from parents for immunizations by Public Health Nurses.  Please note that this is not permission for Immunization; but rather, for us to allow your child to see the nurse.  There will be a form from Fraser Health that will be sent home with your student.

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