Kiwanis Super Reader Program 2018-19


What can we do to encourage and support CMS students to develop a lifelong love of reading?  Although extrinsic motivators shouldn't be necessary (the joy of reading is a reward in itself!), for some students it may just be the impetus they need. With the generous support of The Kiwanis Club, CMS is offering 1 grand prize of an iPad mini at the end of Term 4 this 2018-19 school year! As well, there will be gift card draws and oodles of book draws for students at the end of Term 2. 

Students will receive an entry for every book review that they complete online in our Destiny library catalogue. Reviews must be a minimum of 3-5 sentences and demonstrate knowledge of the book by referring to the plot development, characters, or theme, etc... Stating that a book is "awesome" or "you couldn't put it down" is not enough.

To ensure that all students have a fair chance at winning, a maximum of 20 reviews (thereby 20 entries) will be accepted per student. 

Click on this link to watch this quick video to hear more about it:

A Kiwanis Super Reader Program for CMS! by Mrs. Humphries on GoAnimate