Student Services


We have one counselor in our school. Their job is to help students with personal problems, program selection, guidance and career education. Students may request help at any time. We encourage students to not wait  until big problems develop before seeking help.

Contact Ms. Olafson at

Child & Youth Care Workerstudernt services

Karey Rutherford: School Based child and youth care worker. She supports students within the school system with a wide variety of issues including social/emotional, academic struggles or who may be at risk of dropout or expulsion. Referrals can be made through teachers, staff, students or guardians. If you have any questions or concerns, Karey can be reached through e-mail

Kristy Jones: Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coordinator. This program is operated by Pacific Community Resources Society and funded by Fraser Health. Goals of the program include promoting healthy lifestyles choices, reducing the likelihood that youth will start using substances, as well as slowing the rate at which alcohol and drug problems develop among youth in the community.
Kristy delivers classroom presentations to all students throughout the school each year, runs targeted groups such as Girls Group, provides one-on-one support, and offers parent presentations as well. Kristy can be contacted by phone 604-798-1702, email


Learning Assistance

We have three full-time Learning Assistance Teachers in our school. Their job is to assist students who have learning disabilities and/or who need additional help in specific subject areas. Learning Assistance is a class where students work on reading, writing, math and organizational skills. Students programs are individualized as everyone is working on the skills they need to be successful. In addition to skill building, students are provided with some time to get help with their homework. All students attending Learning Assistance for more than one term will have an Individual Education Plan written that outlines their educational goals. Usually, but not always, students have had Learning Assistance in the past. As a parent, if you are wondering if this class would help your child, please contact 

Mr. Borseth for Grade 6 at

Mrs. Kellie Valburg for Grade 7 at

Mr. Dustin McLaughlin for Grade 8 at 

It is important to realize that students and parents may request help at any time. However, space is limited and admittance will be evaluated according to the severity of the student’s learning difficulties.

 D.E.N (Doing Everything Necessary) Program

  • Who? Where? What? The D.E.N Program is a program at Chilliwack Middle School for modified and adapted students. Students must have Ministry category or meet the criteria for a category to be entered into the program. All students are on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Goals on an IEP can include: behavior, life skills, social skills and academics. Goals are created to be achievable and measurable to promote students success.
  • Modified Students. In some cases programs need to be modified to suit student needs. D.E.N works as the stable environment where these students establish a routine. The materials and outcomes are modified to theme and needs. Students are provided with lessons in life skills and team building and are integrated into classrooms for important social skill development. Students become a vital part of the school by developing life skills through odd jobs such as laundry services, snack programs and light office tasks. There are EA’s in place to provide support for students and work with them in achieving their goals.
  • LD Students. D.E.N acts as an extra support for LD students to help bridge gaps in learning by teaching organizational skills, study skill, and how to use graphic organizers. Students have homework block to help them to succeed in academic classes. D.E.N will also provide help to teachers who need assistance in adapting materials by giving ideas or supplying adapted materials for LD and adapted students to help meet curriculum outcomes.