Leadership is not only a course, it is a way of being. This course is for students who want to become meaningfully involved in both their school and community. In this course, students will be trained to be effective school leaders and peer mentors. Students in this course will be responsible for running the WEB program (Where Everybody Belongs) – a program designed to welcome and support new Grade 7 students while giving Grade 9 students an opportunity to be leaders and mentors.

WEB Leaders will learn the concept of positive school culture in an atmosphere of teamwork, school spirit, and fun. They will participate in activities aimed at developing leadership, student empowerment, problem solving, team building, peer mentoring, self-esteem, assertiveness, cooperation, goal setting, discussion skills, event/meeting organization, and decision-making skills. They will act as leaders, motivators, mediators, and mentors for the new Grade 7 students.

After students have been through WEB training in the summer they will be WEB Leaders who organize and run an exciting Orientation Day assembly for new students. On Orientation Day and throughout the year, WEB Leaders will plan and run several social, academic, and team building activities for the Grade 7 students they are mentoring. In addition to WEB activities, students will have the opportunity to organize a variety of school and community events and projects. Some examples could be to organize a school-wide clean-up, candy grams, murals, help center, community volunteering, etc.

Students must apply for this course. We are not looking for only the top academic students; we hope that a wide range of people apply for this course.

We are looking for people with the following characteristics:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Interest in helping others
  • Willingness to lead others
  • Positive role model
  • Responsible enough to manage a group
  • Dedicated and motivated to start and finish tasks
  • Commitment to be involved all year
  • Self confident and self directed
  • Genuine enthusiasm
  • Respect for diverse ideas and personalities
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Accountable to self and others

Students taking this course must be willing to give up some of their own time for implementing various service activities within our school and community. Successful applicants are required to attend: 1) two training sessions on Monday and Tuesday the week before school starts; 2) the Grade 7 Orientation Day during the week before school starts in September; and 3) WEB events throughout the year. If students cannot attend any of these events, they will not be eligible to join this course.