Chargers' Update Week 2 - weeks 6 days ago
Chargers' Update Week 1 - weeks 6 days ago
Chargers' Update Week 1 - weeks 6 days ago
Thanks to Murray Honda, Chilliwack Staples and all of the community partners for the mountain of school supplies an… weeks 3 days ago
Grade 8 Team A student team building aqueduct challenge. Collaboration & competition — 10 weeks 3 days ago
RT @DartnellJeff: @cms_middle staff reuniting and welcoming the new staff into the team. #greatstart #newyear #sd33learns… — 10 weeks 4 days ago
Staff in Chargers’ Blue ready to start the new school year! weeks 4 days ago
RT @DartnellJeff: @mradamwelcome I’d love it...look great hanging in the staff room at @cms_middle school in Chilliwack, BC Canada. Send so… — 15 weeks 6 days ago weeks 5 days ago
Chargers Update Last Week of School - weeks 6 days ago
CMS teachers dance to “Bye Bye Bye” at the year end assembly! #schoolspirit #SummerIsHere21 weeks 1 day ago
Chargers Update Week 37 - weeks 6 days ago
Amazing Band concert tonight! Way to go CMS Band! weeks 2 days ago
Chargers Update Week 36 - Only 11 School Days Left! Ms. Nip is retiring! Student Success Showcase is coming soon!… weeks 6 days ago
Lisa Shepherd’s “Bannock & Oatmeal” presentation at CMS weeks 1 day ago
Future CMS Students ready for their fun activities lead by our WEB Leaders! weeks 3 days ago
Chargers Update Week 35 - weeks 6 days ago
Last Show of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland today at 1pm! Come out and watch this amazing cast! weeks 19 hours ago
Chargers Update Week 33 - weeks 5 days ago
Beautiful day for California kickball! weeks 4 days ago