Student Fees 2017-2018

The following student fees are set in accordance with direction from the Chilliwack School District regarding fee collection.

Student Association Fee - $25.00*

Yearbook (optional) - $35.00

Athletic Fees – see chart below

PAC Donation (optional) - $2.00

*The Student Association Fee subsidizes or covers the following costs: student ID Cards, guest/motivational speakers, Student Leadership supplies and activities, student celebrations, student celebration assembly incentives, school-wide runs, homeroom activities, awards, transportation/field trip subsidies, soc hops.

We are committed to ensuring that no child will be disadvantaged due to financial constraints.  Please speak with Mrs. Gosal or Mr. Dartnell if this may apply to you.

The above fee payments are due by September 29, 2016 or sooner.  Pay online using Student Quick Pay .  The office will accept, cash, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, and online credit card payments.

Please note: We no longer accept personal cheques. 

The Athletic Fees below apply to students who participate on team sports during this school year. These subsidizes the cost of bussing, athletic association fees, referees and tournament entry fees. Participation on school teams is optional.

$15 Athletic Fee $25 Athletic Fee $30 Athletic Fee $45 Athletic Fee

Cross Country

Track & Field

Field Hockey





(gr 7,8 & 9)


If you have any questions, or would like to make alternate arrangements, please contact Mr. Jeff Dartnell, Vice Principal, at or 604-795-5781.