Introductory Spanish 8

Did you know Spanish is the third most commonly spoken language in the world? If you enjoy learning languages, this is the course for you. The Spanish program is designed to build your confidence to speak, to read, to think and yes, to give you a secret way to communicate in Spanish. Once you finish studying Spanish at this school, you can continue taking it at Chilliwack Senior and Sardis Secondary.

Intermediate Spanish 9

So you've completed your grade 8 Spanish with La Senora Crawford and would like to continue. Muy bien! Basically, we will follow the same format but we will include more enrichment & cultural activities since you already know the basics. Of course, to qualify for this Intermediate course, you must have studied Spanish in Grade 8. Remember, the course is designed to encourage both comprehension and conversation. The activities are designed for you, to your age level and interests. The activities are practical with daily life vocabulary based on experiences you will likely encounter in a Spanish speaking country. Just think how fluent you will be by the end of grade 9! And of course, you can continue to learn Spanish both at CSS and SSS when you go on to high school.