The Physical Education Department at Chilliwack Middle School believes that students need to enjoy the program, which they are participating in, and that the program must be relevant to them. To achieve this we are committed to offering a variety of activities and learning experiences. Research indicates that the exposure to a variety of activities and the enjoyment of those activities is the most significant indicator of future participation. In Physical Education students will learn and further develop the habits of healthy living and their ability to work collaboratively with others. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of the personal growth needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle, including the improvement of knowledge and skills as they relate to active living.

Mission Statement

The Chilliwack Middle School Physical Education Department aims to foster active and healthy lifestyle choices by providing children of all abilities and interests a foundation of movement and learning experiences that develop and improve their motor skills, knowledge and overall fitness.

For a complete overview of the course outline and expectations download attachment below "PE Course Outline"

Charger Fitness Center

As part of the Physical Education program at Chilliwack Middle School students are introduced to the Charger Fitness Center and are evaluated using Heart Rate monitors and the Trifit Assessment system. For a complete overview of these components click download "Charger Fitness Center" below.

Physcial Education in the News:

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