Mrs. Humphries

Welcome to English 9!

Please check out our classroom twitter account. Students will have the opportunity to tweet about the books they are reading, what we are learning, questions they have and/or what is important to them. You can find our account at No need to have a twitter account to visit site.

Homework is posted on Twitter after every class




Please note that our class will soon be using the Virtual Classroom offered through our school district. This is a safe and secure website that enables our students to post and participate in writing on their own blogs and a class wiki. All homework explanations, important dates and events will also soon be posted there.

To access website: 

click on Virtual Classroom link on left sidebar (then Mrs. Humphries, then English 9)

username: student #

password: birthdate (year, month, day ie/ 20001019)

OR whatever student switched their school password to

Parents/Guardians: Please ask your child for this information!



Welcome to English 9!  As a passionate lover of literature and your teacher-librarian, I am thrilled to also be your English teacher.  It is my goal that our classroom will look much like a “book club” of sorts, with members who share, discuss, debate, defend and possibly change their perceptions as they interact with others. 

Poetry, short stories, novels, non-fiction and media will be explored in thematic units throughout the year.  Evaluation will be ongoing throughout each term in a variety of ways to meet the varying needs of the learners.  A lot of work will be assessed without numbers or percentages, using a scale of “Beginning, Developing, Skilled or Exemplary”, before a student receives a number mark.  As well, students, who consistently demonstrate exemplary work will be challenged. 

My goal is to ensure that every student leaves this class a better writer, reader and communicator. My hope is that I will foster a lifetime love of reading in all of my students! ☺

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I would appreciate receiving the email addresses of the parents/guardians of my students.  If you have not already done so, please send me an email at  I can also be reached by phone at the school at 604-795-5781.



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