French 7

French 7 forms an excellent basis for continuing French in Grade 8. Students start to use French expressions in the classroom and review many of the basics such as numbers, the alphabet, colours, greetings, family, weather, parts of the body, calendar dates, classroom objects as well as some seasonal cultural components.

French 8

In this full year course, students further develop the essential skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading in French. Students expand their comprehension of French, both spoken and written and continue to use French expressions in class. Themes include travel, sports and food with activities such as games, singing and making a travel brouchure. Presentations for projects are varied and include real food demos in French and presentations done on the Smart Board.

French 9

If you are wanting to continue pursuing French, this active and engaging class is for you. This full year course develops communication skills further, with more focus on culture, group projects and oral expression. Some activities include making a board game, producing videos and making invitations. (Students who have taken a second language in Grade 8 will find this course easier).