Drama 7

Students will engage in a wide variety of Drama activities such as drama games, mime, role playing and story theatre in order to develop sensory awareness, creativity and confidence. A strong emphasis is placed on participation, focus and cooperation.

Drama 8

This course provides opportunities for students to explore and expand their physical and sensory awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication, improvisation and creativity. Based on their performance of a monologue, students will develop short plays which may lead to performance. Basic acting skills, as well as a willingness to work collaboratively, form an integral part of this process-orientated experience.

Drama 9

Has anyone told you to stop being “so dramatic”? If you answered yes, Drama 9 is the course for you! Channel your creative energy through this skill building course. Learn basic acting techniques, improvisation, scene work and character work. You will develop skills which will help you with long term goals, such as self-confidence, public speaking, problem solving and team work. Students will work in groups to write, direct, perform and edit their own short films. Film themes will be based on social responsibility, and may be viewed by a school audience. A trip or two will be scheduled if an appropriate show is in production.