This page is designed to provide information to students and parents regarding the course planning and selection process. Students need to plan their next school year by selecting courses to fulfill their educational program:

During the months of February and March, CMS counselors will be visiting classrooms in the school, and our elementary feeder schools, to discuss course selections for the next year. Students will be provided with a Course Selection Guide in order to plan effectively for their next year. We encourage students to take these booklets home and share this information with their parents.

From this webpage, you select the grade that you will be entering the next year and you will be directed to a course planning page specific to your grade. On that webpage you will see the program of studies from which you must select courses. You will be able to access all course descriptions from this page as well.

Course Selection Documents: Select the appropriate Course Selection Form for you. You will submit your completed form to the Counselors for approval.

Grade 7 Course Selection Options

  • Applied Skills 7: includes one term each of the following courses: Woodwork, Computers, Foods, Metalwork.
  • Elective Courses:
    • Fine Arts 7 Rotation (Art 7 & Drama 7 – ½ year each)
    • Band 7 (Full Year)

Grade 8 Course Selection Options

  • Applied Skills 8: rotation of Computers, Foods, Woodwork, Metalwork
  • Second Language: French 8 or Spanish 8
  • Elective Courses: Band 8 (full year), or two of the following semester courses:
    • Art 8
    • Drama 8
    • Graphic Arts 8
    • Jewelry Making 8

Grade 9 Course Selection Options

  • Elective Courses:
    • Band 9 (Band 8 required)
    • Art 9
    • Annual 9 (Must apply)
    • French 9
    • Second year Spanish
    • WEB Leadership 9 (Must apply)
    • Metalwork 9/Woodwork 9 (½ yr. each)
    • Jewelry Design 9/Technology 9 (½ yr. each)
    • *Computers 9
    • *Foods & Nutrition 9
    • *Media Literacy 9
    • *Drama 9

      *Can take half year or full year of these courses