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Grade 7:

  • Computers 7 – This is a one-term introductory course that is part of the Applied Skills 7 rotation. You will work on developing basic skills in computer navigation, internet research, word processing, presentations and spreadsheets.

Grade 8:

  • Computers 8 – This is a one-term introductory course that is part of the Applied Skills 8 rotation. You will develop skills in word processing, research, online editing and presentations. You can take this course even if you haven’t taken Computers 7.
  • Graphic Arts 8 – This is a one-semester course that is part of the Fine Arts 8 rotation. You will learn to how to draw on the computer using bitmap and vector tools in Fireworks. You will do some photo editing.

Grade 9:

  • Annual 9– Be part of the team in charge of the yearbook for your CMS grad year. The yearbook is digital all the way. Using digital cameras you will record school activities and student life throughout the year. You’ll be responsible for choosing the yearbook theme, design, layout, photography and writing all the articles and captions. You don’t have to be a computer expert, but you must be willing to put in the time to learn. Most of your work will be done during class, but you can expect to spend quite a few lunch hours and after school to get the photos you need and put the pages together. Because you may miss the occasional class in your other subjects to fundraise and to meet deadlines, you must have a C+ or higher in all your Grade 8 academic subjects. You must apply to get into this course. Expect to work hard and play hard in this fun, yet demanding elective.
  • Computers 9: you can take this for one semester or the full year. You will create documents and presentations, as well as develop skills in online editing and research. You will learn graphic design, game design and animation:
    • Graphic Arts – Draw using vector tools to make cool logos and designs. Play with photos, editing them and creating graphics. Come up with cool text effects. Design a website and animated GIFs. This is a great chance to use professional software to learn a variety of graphic design skills.
    • Game Design – What makes a good game? Learn how to make your own games using a variety of software. You will make games such as maze games, platform games, scrolling shooter games, and stick figure games, as well as creating the graphics for them.
    • Animation – Be creative and make your own animations and games using Macromedia Flash and other software. Explore stick figure animations as well as cartoon animations.