Art 7

The focus of this course is on skills that teach fundamentals of design. This course is half-year. The program explores different techniques using various materials in drawing and painting. The elements of Line, Shape, Form, Color, Space, Texture and Value are discussed and executed. The goal is to provide the student with opportunities for creative growth through exploration, discovery and inventiveness. Activities include skills and techniques used with some or all of the following mediums: -pencil, pencil crayons, ink felt pen, oil pastels, pen, paint and collage.

Art 8

The Grade 8 art course is a half-year course. The first half of this course involves review of techniques and skills learned in Grade 7 employing different assignment requirements. Students continue to learn art vocabulary and terms. Students will also explore concepts of dimensional, graphic and abstract design. Lessons involving historical references to art will also be introduced. The realistic rendering of faces for various ages and gender is taught at this level as well.

Art 9

This course is a half-year course and involves various large assignments which require careful planning and execution. Each assignment has a working plan before the large assignment is attempted. Students work on life sketches, transitions related to film and animation, painting and three dimensional sculpture as well as historical references and research to enhance their understanding of these concepts. Graphics and advertising are also explored in this course. Students are encouraged to experiment with various media and use problem solving to complete their projects.